Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Overwhelm Me

Posh-tall asked me to prepare a legal opinion on some ‘interesting’ legal matter. ‘Interesting’ is the euphemism for ‘tedious’. Naturally, I am far from excited since research would take valuable Spider Solitaire and Facebook time. I quietly grumble for a few minutes before I leave for the library. I see one of the NYSC lawyers (junior yeah!).

Maybe the greeting was too enthusiastic but it is hard to restrain my joy at a camel to dump work on.


‘So, what are you working on? Which is ‘polite-speak’ for ‘you don’t seem busy’.

‘Nothing really. I haven’t really done much work since we resumed. ‘

Perfect! It’s hard to wipe the grin from my face.

‘So, would you like to work on [the ‘interesting’ matter]?’

‘That is what I wrote my long essay on!’

She is excited. I am thrilled. The poor child is yet to learn.

‘I assume you are interested?’

‘Of course!’

She finishes in five hours, I review it for two. Work is done and turned in to Posh-Tall with a flourish.

Sometimes, I overwhelm myself. Most times, I am just lucky but who is counting?

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