Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, Same Day

It’s a New Year beginning with a new week. I reckon I ought to be thrilled, excited, energised, etc, as I put my resolutions together, determined to be a better and less grumpy lawyer, write better briefs and letters with less Latin and more English, be more patient with the younger ones (yeah, I am a senior now!), stylishly brownnose my way into a promotion and better salary, among other lofty ideals lawyers look up to at the beginning of a new year.

Unfortunately, getting straight to work on Monday morning and finding out that you have been assigned to a magistrate court in Ikeja and getting there only find out that your matter had been adjourned to February is not exactly thrill material. Regardless, I refuse to be stay grumpy or begin my year on a Grrr note.

The office is back in full swing, less talk and more earphones are used by associates in the pool room to drown out distractions, more people are pretending to work hard. Groveller is back after his suspicious illness which started the day after Boxing Day; Gloater stopped by to tell us about her weekend trip to Dubai with her new boyfriend. The firm gave everyone given faux leather green diaries, which ironically preach to users to save the environment.

Everything is like it was.


Salt said...

My Ayoka mi ni tooto!....Just hailing you actually. Is all still as it was?

Funlayo said...


I can go on and on...