Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pre-trial drama

Today is pre-trial and since Ghandi has some matter in another court, he suggests I meet him in Court 5 at 12pm. Thankfully, I remember from Law School that pre-trials are less formal- counsel don’t have to do the big black robe and wig thing. It actually makes practical sense; pre-trials are not trials per se and why bother with the extra sweat when you can lose it.
So, I arrive at the court right on time and to a formally dressed- any more formality and they’ll be speaking in King James.
Every one turns as I walk in and can probably see ‘Rookie’ on my forehead. Ghandi is sitting across and almost starts his annoying clucking.

“Rookie, I thought you knew?”
“Knew eh?”

I am absolutely embarrassed.
Ghandi goes on to explain that this court was usually robed because of the hours and some other reason I can’t get through my reddening ears.
Fortunately, the Judge is more concerned with getting business done than whether I looked different from the others.
Our matter gets called and Ghandi is the consummate advocate- all elegant and clearly spoken. Of course, it went well. No further drama- I guess it was largely due to the fact that my mouth was shut most of the time.

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