Monday, February 2, 2009

Grumble Grumble

Grumble grumble.

I am with the Prof at the canteen, complaining about the not-that delicious over-priced food; our unavoidable heels and the stress they give to your spine (well, until they make flattering flats for my chunky legs); and Monday and work- generally complaining about any thing worth complaining. It probably has something with the extra heavy traffic to work today. Ghandi and Muktar (another lawyer at LT) join us and pitch in the pity-party. We move on to more misery-worthy topics and soon we’re on being a lawyer and the stress; long hours, the robes and wig and anything we could pick at. At some point, we even whinge about duplicating soliciting and advocacy work.
Muktar is in the middle of his whining, when he turns to me-

“Rookie, you are so lucky, you just started and don’t have as much responsibility. You should enjoy it while you can”
(Interpret- “You do nothing, yet you moan louder than me”, interlaced with a patronizing ‘back in my day etc’)

I decide he has selective amnesia so I nicely remind my three-year senior that we work equal hours.
He smiles, probably surprised at my nerve.
The party soon breaks off and frustrations properly vented, we polish off our plates and go back to work.
Just as I thought- no matter how much we complain, we love what we do - and it puts food on the table.

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