Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gavel is Might

Counsel on the other side’s wig is a dirty blond and he’s been referring to me as his learned colleague although he’s not able to hide his derision at my shiny one. Worse, I have just referred to third party as second defendant and he’s quick to correct me.
The judge who is newly appointed is not amused at counsel’s condescending behaviour. Motion is for stay of proceedings while he appeals the earlier ruling against interlocutory injunction. I think counsel’s upset that the earlier application for interlocutory application was refused based on a shoddy application and unintelligible arguments. He must have delegated it to a junior and did not check it before it was filed.
Today, he’s decided to do the job himself and is not doing much with his impatience and lack of decorum. Usually, the court will allow counsel to move on the terms of the already submitted written argument but the judge is not willing to let it slide so quickly and easily. After about twenty minutes of spit and arguing, the order is refused. Ha.

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