Friday, June 19, 2009

Lofty Heights

We are in a conference with some clients – ‘we’ is Posh-Tall, Grey-stripes, Prof. and I... and a new-er wig (yes, I am ageist!)
Slowly but surely, I am moving from note-taker to note-taker’s supervisor. The note-taking position has been delegated to a new lawyer undergoing the NYSC programme with Lagbaja, Tamedo & Co. Of course, I’m nice and sweet and far from using my lofty position on a few inches above the ladder unfairly.
Clients are a ‘society-lady’ (magazines make it sound like a job) and her son. She’s a young widow, with no source of livelihood (unless you count continent-hopping and gold-wearing). Her Lagos big boy (another job, I guess) husband died recently leaving his heirs and hangers-on at the mercy of angry creditors and no will. The creditor-banks are jointly claiming against his assets.
Grey-stripes thinks that since the loan was taken by a company formed by the deceased person, there might be a chance of salvaging some of the late man’s assets and leaving something for the family. I am actually sorry for her – she’s seems hopeless, the kind of people the law should protect despite their ignorance.


Sumptuous said...

Hi, it's my first time here & I think ur blog is funny and beautifully written. Pls come back soon.

Ayoka said...

Hi Sumptuous,

Thank you.

I also write every week in the THISDAY LAWYER - THISDAY on Tuesdays.

- and I think you are funny too.


Anonymous said...

been following rookielawyer 4 a while now on thisday.
i tink your efforts are impressive.
hope u dont mind my asking, but do you have a romantic side at all.
i dont see much of that in rookie. why?

law_damsel said...

Lolll...had to log bk on 2 blogspot breaking my indefinite leave from ere so I cud leave a comment ; ur thisday columns r hilarous...I feel like u in my head nd puttin dwn all my thoughts...

Rookiekawyer said...


Ok.. I like fine boys too - we have that in common. Send me an invite to your blog.