Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Having and Giving

I am still working on the project finance agreement from yesterday, when my phone rings. I’m using Mode9’s ‘Regular Guy’ for my ring tone and I usually let it ring for a while before I take the call. This time it’s an old friend and I take the call without the ringing ritual that annoys whoever is next to me.
She’s perfect for my ‘sore ears’.
‘Hey Girrrrllllllllllll!’
I am excited but can’t scream properly so I make do with some quiet ‘Heeey!’ before we attempt a minute of girlie catch up.
She’s ‘NYSC-ing’ somewhere in Kogi and just finished Law School.
‘So how were the results?’
‘Umm, they gave me a pass o.’
-Naturally, in Nigeria, you ‘make’ a First or Second Class Upper but they ‘give’ you anything lower.
My friend’s really smart and we can’t understand why she graduated with a pass. I try to say something nice and ‘exhorting’ but she’s past that.
She’s serving in a bank now and thinks her chances of leaving for law practice just got dimmer. A Law School Pass means she’ll have to be slimmer than the eye of a needle to get into the top law firms that pay well.
I try to convince her on the ‘worthiness’ of law, the career prospects, etc, but I suspect she’s not buying into humble pupilage years.
We agree to meet when she comes to town.

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