Friday, January 8, 2010

Lawyers are Annoying

It is 7pm on Friday. I should be getting ready to do all things non-lawyerly and certainly incompatible with the legal profession. Instead, I am in a meeting with Gloater and two other associates at the conference room upstairs. The last three hours have been filled with strong arguments over clause 88 of an agreement, which allows the state government, to pay compensation upon the creation of a public highway within our client’s health farm. The law requires payment for the acquisition of land anyways and the clause, we argued, does nothing.
The client wants to refinance its project and the proposed refinancers have a Nigerian law firm representing them. They seem very eager to show how much thought they have put into the negotiation. After two hours of insisting that the clause be removed to disallow any acquisition, we have spent the hour after that arguing on the division of the percentage of compensation. It is very tiring and I an upset.

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