Friday, January 29, 2010

Press Rewind

Have you ever felt like having a rewind button on life – like that time during Law School exams, you suddenly realised that the one page you skipped while reading is the one with compulsory question 1?

I have been having some ‘challenges’ with a Norwegian client who does not want to pay our bill of charges. I have called, emailed, called, emailed the contact person, so many times that I feel like a stalker. Yet the client is a relentless ijebu, determined to hold on payment for as long as it can.

In desperation, I forward the client’s latest response to Gloater with a line – ‘these [name of client] want to 419 us o! They want us to show them why the US is fear-ing us!’

Forthright, maybe; but certainly non-distinguished lawyer language.

I thought I forwarded it to Gloater - alone. Just as I send, I realise I forwarded the ‘joke’ to the client. I try to recall the message – no such luck.

Oh dear!

This is the most important time when life needs a rewind button – ok, second most important after America told the world its intelligence reports established weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

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