Friday, January 16, 2009

I did it! One week of work!

We have been talking about matters dealing with more money than I can spell.
“What does Rookie think?”
Big Oga has a bemused expression, which goes well with an ‘I wonder if we are over-paying her’?’ smirk.

I am trying hard to smile and try to remember most of the present issue enough to provide a sensible ‘legal’ opinion on insider trading. The client is a stockbroker who sold off the bulk of his shares but not his clients’, a short time before the market downturn. His clients think he held on to their shares in bad faith and want their pound of flesh and profit. I mumble something about the difficulty in holding our client liable since his private sale cannot be inseparably tied to how he does his business. I suspect I made little sense but Big Oga indulged me through my two minutes.

Regrettably, there was so much camaraderie in today’s meeting- definitely no potential gossip.

7.30 pm. It’s Friday and ‘m ready to grove, pick up my girls and hit a party scene… - I feel like a living Aliyah without the sagging pants (if you don’t remember the lines, you are either too old or too young). I am a living survivor of one whole week of tiny prints and un-ignorable tinnier footnotes Right now, am looking at about 48 hours of sleep, intermittently intertwined with TV and ice-cream- doing absolutely nothing remotely legal.

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