Friday, January 30, 2009


I am seating in what has to be the world sleekest leather chair (though it seems ordinary to call it that) at Zeta PLC. I’m on my own, taking minutes at their extra-ordinary general meeting.

Posh-Tall told me this morning that I would be taking the ‘Zeta’s minutes’. I think she meant, “Things are a little busy now at the office, so why don’t you go ahead and do the most dispensable thing.”

I am excited though. Finally, I am pushed out of the nest to fly on my own.

The MD was nice and besides the expected social conflict, the meeting went well.

Office weekly conference.

Posh-Tall commends me on some research I did (I think the one I wanted to wring her neck over). I smile and unsuccessfully attempt a modest ‘no-big-deal’ look.

Ghandi introduces me to the lawyer on his right- Bode, who just got back from his vacation.

I never though I’ll see freckles on black skin.

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