Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I am in court again.

The matter before ours was popcorn-worthy.

A senior (Sweaty-wig) was cross-examining a witness, a female trader with a louder voice than his.

It could have been stolen from an Ali-Baba comic strip-

“In your sworn deposition, you said you were there when the accident happened”

“Yes now, I hear ‘kpooh kpah’”

“Then you didn’t actually see it. You just heard it”

Sweaty-wig smiles.

He is unprepared for his tenacious examinee.


Then some lip-smacking and an ‘is he retarded?’ expression

“I tell you say I hear Kpoh-Kpah. I go lie?- Kpoh- Kpah!”

Sweaty-wig was sweating some more. And his witness was loving the attention.

Even the judge was smiling.

After a little more drama, the matter was adjourned and I sit beside the Prof in our far classier (read: extremely boriiiing) maritime case. I take notes and try not to sleep.

and -

I haven’t seen Posh-Tall all week. I ask Lekki-British who tells me she went to Abuja but will be back on Thursday.

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