Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Settling In

I am indoors, drafting letters, doing research on an intellectual property matter that wasn’t even mentioned in two semesters and the three big notebooks I used for the course in university.
Every day, I notice I don’t even know most of what I think I know- or thought I knew. Point is- there’s so much to learn, I’m half worried I wasted too much time studying law than learning the law.
I’m in the middle of a long mind Socratic-dialogue when Ghandi calls me on intercom.

“Rookie, are you busy?”
“Not really” I lied.
“Do you want to have lunch now?”

I think about the people in Dafur who will jump at a free-food opportunity and I conclude that it’s rude and irresponsible to say no to a free lunch. I quickly tidy up and meet Ghandi at the lift.
The canteen is at the top floor and has fantastic food.
As we eat, I wonder if Ghandi is using me as jealousy-bait for the Prof. I don’t mind though. He seems nice and he’s paying.

Later on, Lekki-British comes to my cubicle with my call-cards. They are lovely and show-off worthy.
We chat a bit and she tells me that she’s researching on some long-distance law related courses in the UK. I am impressed that she’s actually doing something besides talking about what she’s doing. We chat a little bit and I try to make her smile.

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