Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And I’m in!

I meet Muktar just as I walk into Plain-Short’s office. I am all polite and proper, trying hard not to look like the over-ambitious junior - which of course, my saintly self is not.
‘Good evening sir.’
‘Hi Rookie. I was just coming to see you.’
He wants me to beg and I have no shame -
‘Really? Thank goodness I‘m here then. Does it have anything to do with the TMC matter?’
Gratefully, he speaks before I am half-way on my mental knees.
‘We’ll it’s a lot of hard work. You may even have to work weekends…’
I don’t allow him to finish-
‘Yes I‘m in.’
I stop over to get a large bowl of my favourite ice-cream (which I can’t name, because it will be free advertising) and today is rated ‘perfect’ in Rookie’s autobiography.

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