Friday, May 15, 2009

I am back at work.
Right now, I‘m writing to inform a client in respect of a name search for an utterly ridiculous name for her hotel- Resthereverywell Ltd. Plain-short will edit and sign through before we send it to the final consumer, along with the bill of charges.
I remember to reply to a text I received from a friend of mine on Monday. I send an email instead and steel myself for the expected round of ‘where have you been’s.
He replies immediately. Friend rescued. You’e got to love technology.
Prof. comes in to my cubicle. She seems distracted and asks if I’ve seen Ghandi around.
‘I think he’s in the library.’
‘Ooh’ and she goes to her floor - not the library.
I smell something or my wild imagination’s going into overdrive again

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