Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Seniors Rule

Plain-Short sees me signing in the book at the library and we get into conversation about law practice. She asks about some research I am working on and how well am settling in. I am truthful about enjoying it. I mention an intellectual property matter I’m researching on and the trouble I’m having in finding a suitable precedent. I’m a bit dramatic.
‘Sometimes it seems law is like mathematics. Get the rule; stick with it and go to sleep.’
She’s nice and instead of labeling me presumptuous and impatient, she asks with a smile.
‘And when it’s a new situation with no known rules?’
‘Get inventive… maybe’
She laughs loudly. ‘Your imagination will have to rest a bit. There’s a Court of Appeal decision on that matter. I think it’s unreported but I can find it somewhere’.
Fantastic! Seniors rule!
I try not to slobber on her shirt in my profuse thank you’s and promise to check on her later today to get it.

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