Sunday, May 24, 2009

Injunctions and Lawyering

I have some friends over and as social cohabitants are prone to, one has a row with another. The wannabe-comic among them quotes the biblical injunction about not letting the sun set on one’s anger.
And rather than some pious thought along the lines of praying for the sinner’s mortal soul, my first thought is getting the ‘client’ off the hook on technical grounds!
‘Technically, since it’s already evening, she has been overreached and the injunction cannot take effect.’
I have to remind myself again that weekends are for hibernating and nothing remotely linked to a wig. Weekends are for sleep, slob, Church, see friends who have forgotten that I don’t go to see them, ‘project fame’ (reality TV and a little gossip always does some good), and more sleep… generally.

*Makes note to self-learn to enjoy a joke without lawyer thoughts*

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