Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Few Good Men

‘He’s a good man! Oga, abeg, they are lying on him! What will the children eat?’
“Please Sir. Help me.”
The court clerk is trying to hush the woman who is doing her best to keep it loud. The Magistrate is unperturbed as if he always has a lot of screaming and theatrical allocutus done in his court. After a while, the policeman moves her out where she continues sobbing.
The Magistrate has just refused bail for her husband charged with rape and robbery. Before today, he was an okada rider and was released last month from police custody for attempting to steal and causing grievous bodily harm to a young girl he was supposed to transport from point A to B. He wasn’t prosecuted because the police let him go and the victim didn’t want the court drama. It didn’t take him long to do some more mischief.

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