Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We’re paid to fight.

‘Mr Muktar, as much as I appreciate your position, I’ll have you know that my clients pay me to win and not to settle!’
He ends his line with what sounds like a bang on a table, or maybe it was a high five to one of his fawning associates.
Muktar is on speaker-phone with SAN-hound (counsel to plaintiffs suing Tobacco Manufacturing Co. for letting their clients buy cigarettes which may have caused lung cancer- ‘may’ because I am a lawyer and I’m paid to sway the ‘may’ to ‘did not’). We are trying to work out a settlement between our clients rather than a protracted court case.
‘I wonder if your clients know what we are offering’.
‘It is of no business to you. We are ready to fight’. He sounds like a scene in a part 3 of a bad Nollywood movie.
Muktar is playing cool negotiator while texting on his blackberry; SAN-hound sounds like a bristling teenager. I am amused and taking notes and wishing I had a blackberry.

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