Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Williams’ Guide to Law


Just finished reading Glanville Williams’ ‘Learning the Law’.
I think I am spending too much time with the Prof and in grave danger of being a traitor to the Back-Benchers’ Association of Nigerian ex-Students. Weekends are for play and sleep not a book written by a (well respected and brilliant) late Welsh jurist.
Flashback to my first year - Lecturers had probably taken one look at my class of fresh-faced naïve and unspoiled idealists in need of guidance and recommended the book. Never one to tail the herd, I’d quickly dismissed it then since I figured studying something that won’t be asked in the exam hall was a waste of time better used in frivolous NFA-ish (No Future Ambition) pursuits.
Of course, now I realise it wasn’t well considered. Surprise!
It really is a good book, like a guide and in retrospect; it would have understanding law a bit clearer.
Anyway, no long faces here as I have upped my legal know-what and now I can always say something like: *insert ongoing conversation…* ‘yes, of course, Glanville was emeritus fellow at Jesus College, Cambridge’ (I picked that from the notes at the back.)
Or who knows, I just might get on ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ with the N10m question on English law.

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