Thursday, May 7, 2009

Puppy Love

Today I’m drafting a petition for dissolution of marriage. Our client is high society and wants the legal way out of her five year marriage and ‘victory’ over her cheating husband.
I find the matter quite amusing in a perverted way. Both parties are high flying society and share their surnames with high brow streets on Victoria Island; first and second degrees in top British schools; wedding was in Ovation and businesses with balance sheets in the billions. But that wasn’t enough to keep them happy. (No, I am not snickering!) Marriage didn’t turn as successful and they want to part amicably - which they almost succeeded in doing except for one little glitch. Madam wants N70m extra as feeding, handling and medical expenses in favour of – wait for it- their dog! In typical Heather Mills - she wants proper care for a poodle she probably doesn’t care about. She says the dog has been like a child to her since she lost her baby in their third year of marriage.
Mr. Husband is not amused in any way, although I suspect he’ll let it slide. She’s threatening to unlock his cupboards full of skeletons and spoiling for a fight; he would rather not.

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